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Microsoft Visual Styles (Skins) were first introduced with the Windows XP operating system and since it's launch there have been literally thousands of new visual styles produced by the skinning communities. VisualStyler.Net can render visual styles identically to Microsoft's XP native skin engine, further more VisualStyler also supports non themed platforms such as Windows 2000.

Visual Style Resources

This is a collection of external links to popular Microsoft Visual Styles (msstyles) galleries. These skins are free to download and use, you can import the msstyles file directly from the VisualStyler task pane or properties window.

Studio Twenty Eight ThemeXP
The PC Man Skins DeviantArt

Importing Visual Styles

Using you can easily import any XP visual style directly from an msstyles file or a zip archive. Your windows forms application is then skinned using the visual style skin. Your application looks the same on all platforms from Windows 2000 to Windows Vista. 

The design-time style import wizard  can import any number of new visual styles and they are automatically stored in the style gallery, so you can quickly build up a collection of your favorite styles.