SkinSoft VisualStyler.Net

Designer Features

VisualStyler uses the latest WinForms.Net designer task panes making the component extremely easy to customize, and for a fully skinned design-time experience you can use the supplied Visual Studio add-in which extends Visual Studio.Net to support WYSIWYG skinning on all forms, controls and user controls. So you can now design your skinned application GUI just as you would with any other normal windows forms application.

Designer Tasks

The designer task smart-tag panel gives you convenient access all of the design-time features local to the component. In less than a few clicks your application is skinned without having to write a single line of code.

  Figure 1. The Smart-tag panel
  • Quick property setup
  • Style browser dialog
  • Style import dialog
  • Component customization
  • License activation
VisualStyler Visual Studio Design-time features

Designer Style Browser

The Style browser enables you to browse, preview and select any visual style at design-time. The browser displays the default 10 supplied styles and you can import any number of new visual styles. Imported visual styles are automatically grouped and added to the browsers catalog.

 Figure 2. The Style browser dialog

  • WYSIWYG preview
  • Browse default styles
  • Browse imported styles
  • Import new visual styles
  • Remove styles
VisualStyler Visual Studio Designer Task Pane

Designer Import Wizard

The style import wizard enables you to import any number of new visual styles. You can import directly from an msstyles file or a zip archive. VisualStyler extracts the raw visual style and converts it into compact XML markup. All imported visual styles are automatically stored in the style gallery and are visible in the style browser. 

Figure 3. The Style import wizard

  • WYSIWYG preview
  • Import from msstyle
  • Import from zip archive
  • Preview any visual style
  • Browse all color schemes
VisualStyler Import msstyles dialog