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Feel free to download our products for WinForms.Net, each trial is fully functional, un-restricted and comes provided with executable demos, help documentation and sample projects in both C# and VB.Net languages. All versions of Visual Studio are supported our products are registered in the IDE Toolbox during installation

VisualStyler.Net for Visual Studio.Net Version Date Size
MSI Installer Installer Zip VisualStyler for Windows Forms .Net v2.4.0204.20  Apr 3, 2020 10.8Mb

OSSkin.Net for Visual Studio.Net Version Date Size
MSI Installer Installer Zip OSSkin for Windows Forms .Net  v3.2.0204.20  Apr 3, 2020 3.1Mb

We offer unlimited technical support during the entire 30 day evaluation period, so please do not hesitate to contact us if your require further help or information. We also welcome any feedback or comments you might have during this time.

At the end of the trial period the product features will stop working, at this point you will need to purchase a license and activate the product. Licensed customers will receive many benefits including access to all major and minor updates for 1 year and rapid response to all technical support enquiries.