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Why should you skin your application?

We live in an age where image is everything and first impressions count, you have less than a few minutes to impress your users and customers. Our featured products can give your Windows Forms.Net (WinForms) applications an instant makeover.

Our highly optimized C# skin engine completely re-skins all application forms, dialogs and controls without any unnecessary coding, supports all versions of Visual Studio, C# and VB.Net

Do your WinForms apps require a professional appearanceDo you need your applications to have a professional appearance without investing in a 3rd party control framework?

Do your WinForms apps require a consistant visual style?Do you need your applications to have a consistent visual style no matter what platform they are deployed on?

Do you have legacy WinForms apps?Do you have legacy .NET applications that require an instant face lift but don't have time for your developers to rework them?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then perhaps we can help!