SkinSoft OSSkin.Net

Product Overview

OSSkin.Net enables C# and VB.Net developers to skin windows forms .NET applications from a choice of 22 authentic looking skins including Windows XP, Windows VistaWindows 7, Aero, Office 2007, Office 2010 and Mac OS-X themes. Thanks to an advanced skin engine designed entirely in C#, it is the only skinning product currently available that completely skins all windows forms .NET forms, controls and dialogs.

Dynamic form shadows

OSSkin supports dynamic alpha-blended drop shadow effects on all forms and dialogs, a feature unique to our product and available on all platforms. Your application forms will literally spring to life popping right out of the screen.

OSSkin.NET Small Shadow OSSkin.NET Medium Shadow OSSkin.NET Bold Shadow
Small Medium Bold

ToolStrip Rendering

OSSkin will completely skin all windows forms tool strip controls including the ToolStrip, MenuStrip and StatusStrip controls. There is a choice of 3 professional tool strip rendering styles to choose from as follows :- 

The System style draws ToolStrips using skinned elements.
OSSkin.Net ToolStrip Skin
The Professional style draws ToolStrips using skinned gradients and colors.
OSSkin.Net ToolStrip Skin
The Mixed style draws ToolStrips using a combination of skinned and gradient styles.
OSSkin.Net ToolStrip Skin

Designer features

OSSkin Designer Features OSSkin installs directly into the Visual Studio Toolbox. Setup is easy, just drop the component onto the main form of your application, or the first form the users see's when running the application.

Using the built-in Smart-tag designer you can then customize every aspect of the skin and set your preferences without having to modify your project or source code.

You can also change any appearance properties on the component at runtime, your application GUI is automatically updated in real-time to reflect the new settings.

Built-in Skins

"SkinSoft developed a platform independent skin engine that does not require uxtheme or a 'theme aware OS' such as Windows XP, so your skinned applications will always look the same on all Microsoft platforms from Windows 2000 upwards. Click on an image below to see a full skin preview.

OSSkin XP Blue Skin OSSkin XP Olive Skin OSSkin XP Metallic Skin
XP Blue XP Olive XP Metallic
OSSkin XP Royale Skin OSSkin Vista Blue Skin Vista Black
XP Royale Vista Blue Vista Black
OSSkin Vista Silver Skin OSSkin Aero Blue Skin OSSkin Aero Silver Skin
Vista Silver Aero Blue Aero Silver
OSSkin Aero Black Skin OSSkin Office 2007 Blue Skin OSSkin Office 2007 Black Skin
Aero Black Office 2007 Blue Office 2007 Black
OSSkin Office 2007 Silver Skin OSSkin Mac OS-X Tiger Skin OSSkin Mac OS-X Panther Skin
Office 2007 Silver Mac OS-X Tiger Mac OS-X Panther
OSSkin Mac OS-X Leopard Skin OSSkin Mac OS-X iTunes Skin OSSkin Mac OS-X Brushed Skin
Mac OS-X Leopard Mac OS-X iTunes Mac OS-X Brushed